Las Playas

Most of these blog ideas come from our guests… we get a lot of questions about things to do, where to eat, best excursions, different beaches, etc. I love it! I’m never stumped for things to write about.

We had some guests stay with us last week that were interested in beach time, surfing, snorkeling and swimming. They wanted to avoid driving a ton, and the bigger, more popular beaches like Tamarindo.

Here are a few of our favorite spots:

Playa Avellanas

Well, no kidding. We chose to live here for a reason. The surf is great for beginners and those more advanced, as there are four different breaks along our long beach. There are surf rentals right on the sand, as well as surf lessons for a competitive rate. The name of the company is Avellanas Surf School and we highly recommend them. Also, on our beach is the restaurant Lola’s.

It is the most well-known restaurant in our community and has been here for many years. The atmosphere cannot be beat and the food is delicious. It is slightly spendy, but perfect for a special occasion and an incredible meal.

Playa Negra

Playa Negra is the next beach south of us, and is only about five kilometers away. The beach itself isn’t as big as Avellanas, but there is more of a town. One of our favorite restaurants, Kon Tiki, is located on the way to Playa Negra and has wood fired pizza and homemade sangria. The beach can be accessed through Hotel Playa Negra. Be sure to let us know if you need driving directions as it can be a little tricky getting there.


Junquillal beach is just past the town of Paraiso. It is very tranquil and is very sparsely visited by tourists. The waves are easy and gentle; great for swimming and wading. Beware, the sand is black and is very very hot. Make sure to bring sandals to walk down to the waterline. There is also a small turtle hatchery right on the beach near the parking lot, where in October and November, you can watch the turtles trek to the ocean upon hatching.

Playa Grande

Back up north, just above Tamarindo, is the community and beach of Playa Grande. The waves are very popular with surfers and body boarders and the white sand makes for the perfect spot to lounge on an afternoon. To get there, you can drive, (you have to drive inland, around Tamarindo and then back out towards the ocean), or take a water taxi from Tamarindo. This is a very fun experience and is quick and cheap but the water taxis stop running at 5:00. This is a problem if you want to head into one of Grande’s great restaurants, like Cantarana, for dinner. In that case, driving is definitely worth it.

There are many more beaches to explore and many more I could mention. Playa Conchal is definitely one of my favorites, but since I wrote about it last week, I thought I would add something (and some place) new.

Please let us know if you have any questions or recommendations. Cheers and pura vida 🙂

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