Day Tripping (Part 1)

Oddly enough, Scott and I have very limited Costa Rica experience thus far. I’ve been there once (!) and Scott has been there twice at this point. I know that it seems extreme to buy a business and a home in a country that we have barely explored, but that’s part of the adventure, I guess. There is so much more of Costa Rica yet to be discovered by us, and we are itching for it.

While on our “scouting” trip in July, we high-tailed it to a few different towns and beaches to attempt to soak up as much of the Pura Vida that we possibly could in such a short time period.

We took a drive down to Samara, a small beach town on the Nicoya peninsula and were so glad that we did. Far less tourists find their way here and the energy is fantastic. We stayed in a lush bed and breakfast, full of flowering native plants and trees full of howler monkeys. The beach nearby, Carillo Beach was spectacular.

We were able to sip on fresh Pipa and swim in the warm water without the crowds of some of the bigger cities.

We then headed inland, into the cloud forest, to a place called Bijagua: a VERY small town, that serves as a great jumping-off point for adventure in the mountains and nearby national parks.

On our way back to Avellanas, we stumbled upon the waterfall, Llanos de Cortez. It’s majestic beauty sneaks up on you, as it is a little difficult to find and appears out of nowhere.

Hopefully “Day Tripping Part 2” can include Tenorio National Park, Monteverde and Arenal!

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