Vida Y Salud Huerta Organica

While we have already faced several disheartening and exhausting challenges in readying our business and home abroad, we have also had many positive interactions and have begun building exciting new relationships. While Scott was traveling in Costa Rica in August, he was thrilled to meet Gustavo, a fellow resident of Playa Avellanas. Gustavo runs Vida Y Salud Huerta Organica, an organic farm just down the road from our house. Gustavo was generous enough to give Scott and his mother an impromptu tour of the farm and share his farming techniques, which honor the Mayan farming circles of hundreds of years ago.

While Gustavo brings much of his produce to local markets, he also has a pick-up and delivery system that we are so anxious to use. He also has offered to share with us his knowledge of local crops and small scale gardening so that we are able to set up raised beds and offer our guests home-grown tomatoes, squash, herbs and other greens. While Guanacaste is known as the driest area of the country, we are lucky to have our own well, water tank, and rain water recycling system. So hopefully we are left with enough water to water our crops effectively.

One major thing about which Scott and I have wondered is how we will be able to maintain our healthy diets while abroad. We have lived abroad in the past, in Germany and Mexico, and it has never been particularly easy. But with the help of our fruit trees, Gustavo’s farm and copious amounts of gallo pinto, I think we’ll be able to eat like sustainable kings 🙂

Check out Vida y Salud’s Facebook page and give them a “like.”

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