Beach WODing

Leaving our home in Boise, Idaho will be a major bitter-sweetness. Even if it’s just for five to six months at a time, being so far from our home will be challenging, as we love Boise tremendously. My family is here, and Scott’s is only a plane ride away. We have a gigantic trail system right out our back door. We are near a number of hot springs, camp sites, lakes, mountains, our favorite restaurants, bars and cafes. We have a tremendous amount of good friends and a gym that is our home away from home. Boise’s Arbor CrossFit will still be there when we return home in the spring, but it doesn’t make it any easier to leave for such a long chunk of time each Autumn.


When Scott and I were visiting Costa Rica last, in July, we were walking through Tamarindo late one night and were peeking inside all the cozy restaurants, office buildings, bars and shops, really trying to imagine what a life would be like in such a foreign land. Living so close to Tamarindo could be nice, we thought, but we were still uneasy about all of it. We glanced inside an industrial looking space and immediately the Rogue rigs, wall ball targets and barbells stopped us in our tracks. A CrossFit gym. But, what is it like, we wondered. And it looked far from being ready to open. Inside, two men were bent over, sweating and working hard to sweep floors, patch a ceiling, and unpack heavy plates and kettle bells. They waved us in. It turned out that we had stumbled upon Tamarindo’s newest CrossFit gym, set to open the next day. It was hard to imagine how this dusty work-in-progress space could be turned into a functioning gym overnight. Owner Nick invited us to come by the next morning to complete one of the first WODs of Pacific Wave CrossFit. Long story short, we woke up bright and early, participated in the WOD, coached by Nick, and as we said goodbye and walked out the doors, Scott and I looked at each other, and said, “Yea, ok. We could be alright living here,” with wry smiles and a hint of embarrassment that access to a CrossFit gym has come to have such a large bearing on our lives.

When we left in July, we stayed in touch with Pacific Wave and were excited to get back. Since Scott has been in Avellanas, he’s been able to pop into Pacific Wave twice and work out with Nick and his girlfriend, Sam. Sunday’s WOD was on the beach, this morning’s was at their indoor space. We are thrilled to become members as soon as we set up permanent residence, in October.

We highly recommend Pacific Wave to any of our guests that stay with us. There is a shuttle that can take you into town, that leaves at two different times during the day. Otherwise, as Scott and I will be going there often, we can work with you to help you get in a great workout during your vacation.



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