It’s Official

We are now officially owners of our beautiful dream, Casa Kaiki. Papers have been signed, keys, (a multitude), have been handed over, and the work begins. We knew that upon purchase of the property, we would be taking on a huge project including roof repairs, tiling, landscaping, plumbing, and furnishing, just to name a few. And that was just what we noticed at first glance. New projects have presented themselves, but I think all the toil and hard work with make us fall in love with our new home even more. Add new concrete siding to the list. Better wifi. Finding the correct locks to all of these freaking keys. And the list goes on.

But in between the sweat, exasperation and trips to the store, there are Imperiales¬†at Lola’s, falafel from Falafel Bar in Tamarindo, and home-brewed, rich Costa Rican pour over coffee. It’s the small things that remind us why all this work truly is worth it after all.


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